My Life Changing Cure

Hey, Erika here!

I am originally from Guatemala City, and now live in Florida with my family.

I have an amazing husband, who supports me in everything. I have two beautiful children, who I love. My family is my life. We love God, always putting Him first in everything that we do and in all our decisions.

Before going Plant-Based, I used to be very sick with kidney infections and stomach problems, to the point I thought it was normal to feel bad all the time.

I have had UTIs since I was 16 and during both of my pregnancies I was under the strongest antibiotics. Suffering so much that my husband had to help me get up from bed because of the pain. My kidneys were failing and I was worried I was going to die.

One day I was breastfeeding my baby and I saw a vision of my future. There was a doctor telling my kids that I was dying. Immediately shaken up, I started praying in my room, asking God to give me the strategy on how not to die.

When I woke up the next morning, I turned on the TV, and a show popped up, called “What the Health”. When I saw it, I felt in my heart that this was God’s answer.

After 14 days of being plant-based, I did a full blood work. When the doctor received my results, she called me. I was, of course, worried about that call. When I was at the doctor’s office, all I could think about was my family.

When she came in, she was smiling and she said: “What do you eat to be so healthy?” I didn't understand the question. When she saw my face, she said: “The reason for my question is because I haven't seen blood so clean in years.”

When she said that, I realized the miracle was done! My kidneys were working fine; it took 14 days!! Only 14 days for my health to change, it was amazing!!

After knowing this, I couldn't stop. My life changed forever.

I have been on this amazing Plant-Based journey for four and a half years, and it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. My 4 year old has been Plant-Based since she was born, and she is a very strong and healthy child. My teenager started being PB with me, and also, very strong and healthy, building muscles out of plants only.

I created this blog to help others feel their best eating whole foods and becoming Vegan.

The journey starts here...

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