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-Why Give 10% To Feeding The Homeless-

Coming from Guatemala City to live in Florida with my family has truly been a blessing. I have an amazing husband, who supports me in everything I do. I have two beautiful children, whom I love very much. My family is my life. We love God, putting Him first in everything that we do and in all our decisions. Feeding the homeless with ten percent of all our profit is just one of the ways we really try to involve God and give him the glory he deserves. 

Purpose & Goal

-What Is The Company Purpose & Goal-

Plant-based Erika is all about helping those who want to become vegan or plant-based with recipe ideas, inspiration, and leading them to the truth about better health. With the passion to serve God and to help others prevent diseases by eating plant-based. Sharing her testimony about how she's been cured of her life-threatening kidney problems by making the small dietary changes she now teaches. Plant-based Erika brings you blogs about life-saving health changes and even so-called healthy lifestyles you should actually stay away from. Plant-based Erika is here to help you understand what you need to know about yourself to change your life one bite at a time.


-How It All Started-

It began after so much suffering i should've never let myself experience. I was suffering so much that my husband had to help me get up from bed because of the pain. My kidneys were failing and I was worried I was going to die. Then One day,  I was breastfeeding my baby when I saw a vision of my future. There was a. doctor telling my kids how I was dying. Immediately shaken up, i started praying in my room, asking God to give me the strategy on how not to die. The next morning, I turned on the TV, and a show popped up, called “What the Health”. When I saw it, I felt in my heart that this was God’s answer. After 14 days of being plant-based, I did a full blood work. When the doctor came in, she was smiling and she said: “What do you eat to be so healthy?” I didn't understand the question. When she saw my face, she said: “The reason for my question is because I have never seen blood so clean in years.” When she said that, I realized the miracle was done! My life changed and decided to set out to help everyone by showing them the transformation they can have with just one bite at a time.