Benefits of Ditching

1. Dairy is Inflammatory

Dairy can cause inflammation to your skin and body even if you’re not intolerant to lactose. “Dairy is an inflammatory substance for us all. Chronic, low-grade inflammation leads to poor immune function and cellular damage that ultimately leads to chronic diseases,” Lisa Richards, nutritionist, and author of the Candida Diet.


New Gardein Ultimate Plant Based Chick'n Nuggets

2. Your bone health will be fine 

You’ve been told that you need dairy for bone health and calcium, but studies have shown that leafy greens have more calcium than what you can get from drinking cow’s milk. 

Gardein Chick'n is delicious and every once in a while we eat some with rice. I decided to make the new Orange Plant based Chik'n from Panda Express.

3.  Dairy has Estrogen 

A 2020 Study found that consistently drinking as little as one cup of dairy milk a day may increase the rate of breast cancer up to 50 percent for women. The U.S. Dietary Guidelines suggest three cups of dairy milk a day which is completely unnecessary and dangerous to your health.


4. Eggs are unhealthy

      Many studies have shown that eggs are bad for your health and will increase the risk of heart disease. One large egg has 187 mg of Cholesterol, so eating eggs will increase the risk of early mortality. 


5.  Dairy is a big factor in Diabetes. 

Dairy contains trans and saturated fats. Which have been linked to heart disease and obesity. “Over time drinking a lot of milk can clog your arteries and lead to other complications” Dr. Giuseppe Aragona, MD, at Prescription Doctor. 

Dairy has lactose, which is sugar. Ditching milk along with other types of sugar will reduce your risk of chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes and obesity. 


6. A lot of Dairy-Free Options 

The world we live in now has a lot of new options and opportunities. You can make milk out of almonds, cashews, peas, etc. You can substitute eggs for baking with chia seed or flax seeds, or even with the waiter that you use to cook chickpeas. Other commercial brands are making “eggs” from plants, so you can ditch dairy in a heartbeat. 

 1 Bags of the New Gardein Ultimate Plant Based Chick'n Nuggets

The juice of 2 fresh oranges 

1/2 of Teriyaki Sauce (Homemade or Store bought, just make sure it's vegan)

1lb of Whole wheat rice.


Add the nuggets to a baking tray, you can bake them at 350F for 20 to 3o minutes. In a bowl add the orange juice and the teriyaki sauce. Add the baked nuggets and mix well. 

Add to a bowl of whole wheat rice. 


Enjoy it!